Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee is an independently chartered network of leaders who bring high-level influencers and decision-makers together from government, business, and nonprofit sector to carry out some of the most difficult projects in the world. This extensive network involves current and former government officials, corporate and charitable executives, philanthropists, advisors, consultants and experts from all continents of the world. Specific projects span a vast range of industry sectors, including health, technology, communications, infrastructure, economic development, security, and humanitarian assistance.

Central Office & Membership

The Leadership Committee central office is based in Washington, D.C. Committee members are nominated and appointed. The Committee is led by a Chairman, Founder, and Executive Director. Current members are based on every continent (except Antarctica).


Mailing List: Non-Member Subscribers

The Leadership Committee mailing list consists of 3,700+ influential individuals including major, business and international press, foreign policy scholars, business leaders and philanthropists, US and foreign officials, constituent groups and more between Washington DC, Florida, Miami, nationwide and abroad. Approximately 1,300 are in South Florida and throughout Latin America, including professional community and press.

The mailing list and additional resources supporting Leadership Committee are managed by ABS Community Research, a U.S. nonprofit 501(c)(3).